Summer 2013 Carter Travel Award Recipients

The Herbert E. Carter Travel Award Program was established in honor of Dr. Herbert E. Carter, founding director of the GIDPs and is representative of his spirit and passion for interdisciplinary scholarship and research in higher education. The award provides up to $600 per year to GIDP students at The University of Arizona for domestic or international travel. Competition for these funds was very high and we received many innovative abstracts. The applications and abstracts reviewed by the Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Advisory Council (GIDPAC) from stellar GIDP students make a strong statement to the significance of interdisciplinary scholarship and research at The University of Arizona.

Summer 2013 Recipients

Katie Caviness, Ph.D. Candidate, Genetics GIDP
International Herpesvirus Workshop, Grand Rapids, MI
"Characterization of pUL136: a novel human cytomegalovirus ULb’ encoded viral protein"
Authors: Katie Caviness, Louis Cicchini, Mahadevaiah Umashankar, Felicia Goodrum

Annika Ericksen, Ph.D. Student, Global Change GIDP
2013 International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Manchester, UK
"'Sensible' and Ready for the 21st Century: How pastoralists react to the development rhetoric of risk management"

Roeland Hancock, Ph.D. Candidate, Cognitive Science GIDP
35th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Berlin, Germany
"Attentional Processing in Bistable Perception is Influenced by Genetic Effects Associated with Sinistrality"

David Lyttle, Ph.D. Candidate, Applied Mathematics GIDP
Organization for Computational Neuroscience, Paris, France
"The influence of multiple firing events on the formation and stability of activity patterns in continuous attractor networks"

Javier Miguelena Bada, Ph.D. Student, Entomology & Insect Science GIDP
98th Meeting of the Ecological Society of America, Minneapolis, MN

Gabriel Orsinger, Ph.D. Candidate, Biomedical Engineering GIDP
Biomedical Engineering Society Meeting, Seattle, WA
"Three Dimensional Model of the Ovarian Cancer Microenvironment"
Gabriel V. Orsinger, Joshua D. Williams, Marek Romanowski
University of Arizona

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