Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDPs) at the University of Arizona provide students with outstanding educational and research opportunities and faculty mentorship, in areas requiring the integration of knowledge and ideas spanning many different disciplines. GIDPs fall under the jurisdiction of the Graduate College. The Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Advisory Council (GIDPAC) is the elected body that advises the Faculty Director of Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs, and the Dean of the Graduate College on all matters pertaining to the well-being of these programs.

GIDPAC Membership

The Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Advisory Council (GIDPAC) shall consist of:

i. elected faculty representatives, one from each of the officially recognized GIDPs.

ii. a staff representative elected by the program coordinators for the programs

iii. and a GIDP graduate student appointed by the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC).

b.  Each GIDP shall elect their representatives by a means determined in their program bylaws. The representative may be the program chair or another faculty member.

c.  The term for each GIDPAC member shall be 3 years, renewable.

d.  Terms run equivalent to the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

e.  Each GIDPAC member shall have one vote. A quorum shall constitute one-half of the membership. 

f.  One member of GIDPAC is designated on a yearly basis as the Chair of the committee by the vote of the GIDPAC representatives.


GIDPAC Responsibilities

a.    Budgetary

GIDPAC advises the Dean of the Graduate College and GIDP Faculty Director on matters of strategic budgetary planning and distribution of resources.

b.    Changes in GIDP Programs

GIDPAC serves as the college-level committee for all GIDP curriculum and new program proposals, program closures, admissions hiatus, program transfers, and program reorganizations. GIDPAC is responsible for evaluating such actions and providing their recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate College and Faculty Director.

c.     Appeal Committee for GIDP Annual Performance Reviews.

In the event that a faculty member appeals a GIDP Annual Performance Review (as submitted to the faculty member’s tenure home department), GIDPAC may serve as the appeal committee that advises the Faculty Director/Dean on appropriate action.

d.      Subcommittees

Each year GIDPAC will organize subcommittees, as appropriate, to (a) award graduate travel awards, (b) assist the GIDP office in organizing fund-raising and development, (c) assist in the organization of the annual community event, and (d) other subcommittees as needed.

e.    Representing the GIDPs

  • GIDPAC represents the GIDPs, and proposes and assists in enactment of solutions to problems impeding the effectiveness and growth of the programs. On these issues, GIDPAC works with GIDP chairs and faculty on one hand and with the Faculty Director of Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs and the Dean of the Graduate College on the other, to develop policies and procedures and to advocate for the GIDPs.

  • GIDPAC serves as a strong advocate for strengthening and promoting interdisciplinary graduate education and interdisciplinary research at the University of Arizona.

  • GIDPAC shall hold at least four Council meetings annually, and additional meetings, as needed, with the Faculty Director of GIDPs, Dean of the Graduate College and other administrators. GIDPAC shall also hold at least one annual meeting with the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

Interaction with GIDP Administrative Office

The Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Administrative Office serves as liaison to GIDPAC, facilitating the work of GIDPAC, gathering and providing needed information, arranging for meetings, and disseminating information as needed by GIDPAC.


Approved: February 21, 2012

Andrew Carnie
Faculty Director, GIDPS

Andrew Comrie
Dean of the Graduate College

Richard Levine