Spring 2012 Carter Travel Award Recipients

The Herbert E. Carter Travel Award Program was established in honor of Dr. Herbert E. Carter, founding director of the GIDPs and is representative of his spirit and passion for interdisciplinary scholarship and research in higher education. The award provides up to $600 per year to GIDP students at The University of Arizona for domestic or international travel. Competition for these funds was very high and we received many innovative abstracts. The applications and abstracts reviewed by the Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Advisory Council (GIDPAC) from stellar GIDP students make a strong statement to the significance of interdisciplinary scholarship and research at The University of Arizona.

Spring 2012 Recipients

Jeremiah Birrell, Ph.D. Candidate, Applied Mathematics GIDP
Cracow School of Theoretical Physics, Zakopane, Poland
"Bose-Fermi Stars"

Bodil Cass, Ph.D. Student, Entomology & Insect Science GIDP
7th International Wolbachia Conference & Final Meeting of the EU COST Action FA0701, Oleron, France
"Distribution of a Rickettsia symbiont in invasive whiteflies in the USA"

Lucy J. Martinez-Guerrero, Ph.D. Student, Physiological Sciences GIDP
Experimental Biology, San Diego
"Interaction of human MATE1 and MATE2-K with N-Butylpyridinium chloride and other cationic Ionic liquids"
Lucy J Martinez-Guerrero and Stephen H Wright,
Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, 
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85724

Merica McNeil, Ph.D. Student, Second Language Acquisition & Teaching GIDP
Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO) 2012, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN
"Designing Effective Hybrid Foreign Language Classes"

Anahi Ocampo Melgar, Ph.D. Student, Arid Lands Resource Sciences GIDP
Fourth Plenary Coordination Meeting and Second Participatory Assessment & Knowledge Transfer Workshop, Mier, South Africa
"Outranking Multi-criteria Decision Aiding method for participatory evaluation mitigation and restoration actions in drylands"
Ocampo-Melgar, A., B.J. Orr, E. DeSteiguer, and S. Bautista

Benjamin Chidi Onyeagucha, Ph.D. Candidate, Cancer Biology GIDP
American Association for Cancer Research, Chicago, IL
"MicroRNA-101 (miR-101) posttranscriptionally regulates the expression of EP4 receptor in colon cancers"
Author Block Benjamin C. Onyeagucha, Anupama Chandramouli, Melania E. Mercado-Pimentel, Nisreen Abu Shahin, Bonnie J. LaFleur, Ronald L. Heimark, Achyut K. Bhattacharyya, Mark A. Nelson
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

April Petillo, Ph.D. Student, American Indian Studies GIDP
2012 Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) Annual Meeting/Conference, Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun
"The Theoretical Path from Colonialism to Contemporary Sexual and Intimate Violence in Indigenous Communities"

Michelle Sandoval, Ph.D. Student, Cognitive Science GIDP minor
XVIII Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies, Minneapolis, Minnesota
"Mommy’s role in speech segmentation"

Eriko Yoshimaru, Ph.D. Student, Biomedical Engineering GIDP
International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Melbourne, Australia

Eriko Yoshimaru, Ph.D. Student, Biomedical Engineering GIDP
International Society of Magnetic, Resonance in Medicine, Melbourne, Australia
"In Vivo 1H/19F UTE Imaging of Lung Disease"

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