Mingli Liang Conference Summary

Mingli Liang

Ph.D. Candidate

Cognitive Sciences


59th Society for Psychophysiology Research Annual Meeting

Washington, D.C.

September 25-29th, 2019


I am grateful that I received the Herbert E. Carter travel award in September 2019, to attend the 59th Society for Psychophysiology Research conference in Washington, DC.

As part of a symposium, "the use of virtual reality in psychophysiology: a case for goal-directed navigation research", I gave an oral presentation on wireless scalp EEG and immersive virtual reality and how they provide novel insight into the neural basis of human spatial navigation.  I received positive feedback on my research, and audience were generally intrigued by the novel approach of recording scalp EEG in a setting with high ecological validity.

Besides presenting our research, I also learned from fellows who attended the conference.  The conference organized several panels of talks, on a diverse array of topics, covering emotion, psychological disorders, health psychology, social neuroscience, and the usage of multiple psychophysiology assessment tools: heart rate measures, pupillometry, event-related potentials, eye tracking, function magnetic resonance imaging, etc..  Attending the conference has been a rewarding experience for me, and I made some new friends through discussion of research.

Again, I want to express my gratitude to GIDP, Cognitive Science division, and the Herbert E. Carter award.  They made it easier for me to attend this conference, and what I have learned from the conference would have a long-lasting impact on my academic career.

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