Lisa So's Conference Summary

Lisa So
Ph.D. Candidate
Neuroscience GIDP

Conference Summary
Society for Neuroscience
November 11-15, 2016


I attended the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) conference held in San Diego, California from November 11-15. The annual meeting attracted around 30,000 people including neuroscientist from all around the world from diverse neuroscience fields. In addition to the main SfN conference, I was able to attend a songbird research pre-conference and learn more about the songbird system. I was provided with the opportunity to present my poster at both the songbird pre-conference and the SfN main poster session. I am honored and thankful to have received the Herbert E. Carter Travel Award this year that allowed me to attend this conference.

The songbird pre-conference provided a platform to learn about other aspects about songbird research that does that relate to my research topics. Scientists from different labs gave 20-30 minute talks about various songbird research topics that broadened my knowledge about songbirds as well as provoked more questions and inquiries about my own research. It was a great networking opportunity to talk to scientists in similar fields as myself and receive input on my project.

During the main SfN conference, I was able to attend many symposiums and poster sessions that were related to Parkinson’s disease, dopamine, and songbirds that strengthened my knowledge regarding my research interests. The biggest component that positively impacted my experience was presenting my poster at SfN. Neuroscientists ranging from graduate students to principal investigators stopped by my poster and were intrigued by my research. This provided an opportunity to talk to other scientists about my research and receive both positive comments and constructive criticism. The chance to interact with researchers and the discussions we had were invaluable to me. Also, having the chance to present my research strengthened my ability to talk about my research to others. I was provided with advice that will help guide me through the rest of my PhD program and beyond.

I am grateful to have had the chance to attend SfN this year and I want to thank Herbert E. Carter Travel Award for giving me this chance to learn and have this wonderful experience.

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