Justin Crum's Conference Summary

     Justin Crun
     Ph.D. Student
     Applied Mathematics GIDP

     Conference Summary
International Geometry Summit -- Solid and Physical Modeling 2019
     Vancouver, Canada

I attended the Solid and Physical Modeling 2019 conference, and more broadly, the International Geometry Summit.  This gave me the opportunity to present my research to an audience of people that are interested in the applications of what could come from my research.  Doing this meant I got to practice how to spark interest in fractional differential equations in people that don’t have previous experience with the topic.  With the difficulty of modeling these equations, any group that I present this topic to will have to be convinced as to the usefulness of this type of modeling.  Therefore the experience I got here at this conference will be invaluable later in my career when trying to apply for jobs or grants.


The conference also gave me a chance to attend talks on a wide variety of topics that are covered by the geometry tag.  This included talks about solving partial differential equations on complex geometries in various ways, origami shapes that exist in the real world but not mathematically, using Clifford algebras in computer graphics, and more.  This gave me insight into other interesting areas of applied mathematics, engineering, and computer science that use similar mathematical ideas that I am interested in. 

Last updated 25 Jun 2019