Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDPs) at the University of Arizona provide students with outstanding educational and research opportunities and faculty mentorship, in areas requiring the integration of knowledge and ideas spanning many different disciplines. Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Advisory Council (GIDPAC) membership consists of one executive committee member from each of the GIDPs and serves as the college-level committee for all GIDP curriculum and new program proposals, program closures, admissions hiatus, program transfers, and program reorganizations. GIDPAC is responsible for evaluating such actions and providing their recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate College and Faculty Director.


GIDPAC Emeritus

GIDP Advisory Council Membership 2020-2021



John Konhilas, Ph.D.Chair of GIDPAC 2020-2021

Physiological Sciences



James Hopkins, Ph.D.

American Indian Studies


Istvan Molnar, Ph.D.

Applied Biosciences

Arid Lands Resource Sciences



Jennie Gubner, Ph.D.

Applied Intercultural Arts Research



Misha (Michael) Chertkov, Ph.D.

Applied Mathematics



Cynthia Miranti, Ph.D.

Cancer Biology


Samuel Campos, Ph.D.

Cancer Biology


Mary Peterson, Ph.D.

Cognitive Science


Martha (Molly) S. Hunter, Ph.D.

Entomology & Insect Science


Karletta Chief, Ph.D.

Indige-Food, Energy, & Water Systems



Cara Duncan, Program Coordinator Representative

Indige-Food, Energy, & Water Systems



Nathan Ellis, Ph.D.




Keith Maggert, Ph.D. 




Kevin Anchukaitis Ph.D.

Global Change



Konrad Zinsmaier, Ph.D.




Student Representative


William K. Smith, Ph.D.

Remote Sensing & Spatial Analysis



Kamran Talattof, Ph.D. 

Remote Sensing & Spatial Analysis


Suzanne Panferov Reese, Ph.D.

Second Language Acquisition & Teaching 


Kaitlin Murphy, Ph.D. 

Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory



Lee Medovoi, Ph.D.

Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory



Hao "Helen" Zhang

Statistics & Data Science


Last updated 30 Aug 2021