Genevieve Le May's Conference Summary

     Genevieve Le May
     Ph.D. Student
     American Indian Studies GIDP

     Conference Summary
4W Summit Initiative Women, Gender and Wellbeing
     University of Wisconsin - Madison


I am honored to receive the H.E. Carter travel award for spring 2018. This award provided me the opportunity to attend the 4W Summit on Women, Gender and Well-being. This is a national- annual conference initiated by the University of Wisconsin (Madison) Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium. I could not have attended this conference without the support from the H.E. Carter travel award.


This conference was attended from women not only from Wisconsin but also globally. Many Gender and Women Studies professors, researchers and students attend this conference; it was a huge and diverse conference which makes it so exciting that you have the opportunity to talk with other women from other countries; be able to discuss their views and concerns for their women.  I attended several panel discussions and keynote speakers presentation. It was a great opportunity to network and discuss my own research with other like minds; in doing so it gave me a “fresh” perspective.  I was able to give my presentation on the third day of the conference and was asked questions afterwards, in which the professor who was our moderator asked me questions as well.  This is why I present my research as very few people know about the crisis of violence against Native American women in this country. 


The University of Wisconsin-Madison is my alum. I graduated in May of 2017 with a Master’s Degree in Gender and Women’s Studies. I was able to meet with some of my professors and shared my continued research and goals. It was a welcomed moment to receive feedback from my professors who know my work and are interested in seeing me succeed.


It was a very good trip and experience except for the fact that it snowed and I was delayed in coming back to Tucson. However, I am looking forward in presenting next year if the opportunity is available to me.

Last updated 23 Jul 2019