Fall 2008 Recipients

The Herbert E. Carter Travel Award Program was established in honor of Dr. Herbert E. Carter, founding director of the GIDPs and is representative of his spirit and passion for interdisciplinary scholarship and research in higher education. The award provides up to $600 per year to GIDP students at The University of Arizona for domestic or international travel. Competition for these funds was very high and we received many innovative abstracts. The applications and abstracts reviewed by the Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Advisory Council (GIDPAC) from stellar GIDP students make a strong statement to the significance of interdisciplinary scholarship and research at The University of Arizona.

Fall 2008 Recipients

David Andrew, PhD Candidate, Neuroscience GIDP
Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Washington, DC
“Model-based Phylogenetic Inference of Arthropods Using Nervous System Morphology”

Penny A. Dacks, Ph.D. Candidate, Neuroscience GIDP
Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Washington, DC
“Estrogen alters Fos-immunoreactivity in the median preoptic nucleus, a putative control center of thermoregulation”

Jeffrey Muir Hamilton, Ph.D. Candidate, Arid Lands Resource Sciences GIDP
ISHS Workshop on Greenhouse Environmental Control on Arid Lands, Tucson, AZ
“The Role of Environmental Factors on Nutritional Content and Postharvest Quality of Leafy Greens”

Rong Liu, Ph.D. Candidate, Second Language Acquisition & Teaching GIDP
Second Language Research Forum 2008, Univ. of Hawaii, Manoa,HI
“Online processing of anaphora by advanced English learners”

Daniel Reich, Ph.D. Candidate, Applied Mathematics GIDP
INFORMS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC 
“Most Likely Path Problem”

Andre J. Riveros, Ph.D. Candidate, Insect Science GIDP
International Course in Sensory Ecology, Lund, Sweden 
“Learning, memory retention and the division of labor in the bumblebee Bombus occidentalis (Hymenoptera: Apidae)”

Subhashini Srinivasan, Ph. D. Candidate, Physiological Sciences GIDP
Society for Neuroscience Meeting, Washington, DC 

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