Fall 2005 Recipients

Herbert E. Carter Travel Award Recipients

The Herbert E. Carter Travel Award Program was established in honor of Dr. Herbert E. Carter, founding director of the GIDPs and is representative of his spirit and passion for interdisciplinary scholarship and research in higher education. The award provides up to $600 per year to GIDP students at The University of Arizona for domestic or international travel. Competition for these funds was very high and we received many innovative abstracts. The applications and abstracts reviewed by the Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Advisory Council (GIDPAC) from stellar GIDP students make a strong statement to the significance of interdisciplinary scholarship and research at The University of Arizona.

Fall 2005 Recipients

Kelly N. Brooks, Ph.D. Candidate, Physiological Sciences GIDP
Society for Neuroscience 35th Annual Meeting, Wasnington, DC

“Novelty Preference in Visual Paired Comparison Tasks in Monkeys Is Based on View-Invariant Face Recognition” Kelly N. Brooks, K. M. Spitler, Pe. E. Zimmerman, and K. M. Gothard

Anne-Marie Cziko, Ph. D. Candidate, Neuroscience GIDP
Neurobiology of Drosophilia, Cold Spring Harbor, New York

“Conserved Translation Control Machinery is Required for Regulating Dendritic Complexity"

Holly A. Garriock, Ph.D. Candidate, Genetics GIDP
XIIIth World Congress for Psychiatric Genetics, Boston, Massachusetts

“Analysis of Mood Response to Tryptophan Depletion and Monoamine-Related Risk Genotypes” 
Holly A Garriock1, Robert P Erickson1, Joel Gelernter2, Justin Tolman3, Adam Opbroek3, Pedro Delgado4, Francisco A Moreno3 1University of Arizona Interdisciplinary Program in Genetics 2Yale University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry 3University of Arizona Department of Psyhiatry 4University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio

Jennifer L. Greenleaf, Ph.D. Candidate, Neuroscience GIDP

Society for Neuroscience 2005 Annual Meeting, Wasnington, DC
“The Effects of Reactivation on Hippocampal Activity in Episodic Retrieval: An fMRI Study”

Andrew Maurer, Ph.D. Candidate, Neuroscience GIDP
Society for Neuroscience 35th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

“Lack of Hysteresis of Place Fields During Radial Maze Rotations “

Bryan Meadows, Ph.D. Candidate, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching GIDP

International Conference on Critical Discourse Analysis: Theory to Practice, University of Tasmania, Tasmania AUSTRALIA

“A Letter to 14 Local Television Stations: An example of how democratic leaders can destroy democratic ideals”

Kristen O’Halloran, Biomedical Engineering GIDP
Surfaces in Biomaterials: BioInterface 2005, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Stent Evaluation in a Blood Vessel Mimic"

Jeffrey C. Oliver, Ph.D. Candidate, Insect Science GIDP
Entomological Society of America, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Molecular Systematics of the Lycaena Xanthoides Species Group (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)"

Chris A. Schmidt, Ph.D. Candidate, Insect Science GIDP
5th International ANeT Workshop & Seminars, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Phylogenetics and Biogeography of Ponerine Ants”

Billy J. Stratton, Ph.D. Candidate, American Indian Studies GIDP
Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

‘el brujo es un coyote’: Taxonomies of Trauma in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian

William J. Ward, Ph.D. Candidate, Arid Lands Resource Sciences
SERDP Partners in Environmental Technology Technical Symposium & Workshop, Washington, DC

“1,4-Dioxane Remediation using a Constructed Wetland”

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