Chioma Oringanje's Conference Summary

     Chioma Oringanje
     Ph.D. Student
     Entomology & Insect Science GIDP

     Conference Summary
2018 ESA, ESC and ESBC Joint Annual Meeting
     Vancouver, BC-CANADA



The H.E. Carter Travel Award provided me the opportunity to attend and present my research at the annual ESA, ESC, and ESBC Joint Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Canada from November 11-14th, 2018. Over 3000 diverse scientists, students, and exhibitors attended the ESA this year lending a highly diverse environment. As an entomologist researcher, the conference was appropriate and informative for my dissertation project and growth as an independent researcher. Besides, I was able to attend several talks and posters and discuss with other graduate students, and a few post-docs and faculty. I myself presented my poster on the third day of the conference. I did not get as many feedbacks as I would have expected, but I was glad I was able to present my research all the same. 

Talks I attended included topics on gene drives and transgenic insects, vector surveillance, and interesting topics in vector biology involving the use of CRISPR. Attending these presentations offered me new insight on alternative research that I could pursue in the future as well as provided an update on some of the interesting research that has or is being carried out especially with respect to mosquito control. 

On the very first day, I got the opportunity to meet several exhibitors, especially from industries and to know about what kind of opportunity they have for people with my skill set, since I will be graduating in a few months. I was also able to meet past classmates and postdocs, where we discuss employment opportunities. Besides the conference, I was also able to take some time out and visit a few interesting places in Vancouver, BC, Canada such as the Stanley Park and China town. 

Overall the Joint ESA meeting 2018 was an educational, rewarding, and fun experience that has greatly contributed to my goal in becoming an independent researcher, and I am thankful for the generous donation by the Herbert E. Carter Travel Award to make this trip possible.


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