Welcoming our two newest GIDP programs!

Indigenous Food, Energy, and Water Systems GIDP, minor

The purpose of the Indigenous Food, Energy, and Water Systems (Indige-­FEWS) GIDP PhD Minor is to prepare students through research and scholarship to develop novel and sustainable solutions to real-world Food, Energy, and Water Systems (FEWS) challenges facing indigenous communities. The GIDP PhD Minor coursework integrates fundamentals of systems thinking with cross-disciplinary pedagogy to support discovery and development of materials, technologies and unit operations for fit-for-purpose water systems and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) systems. Solutions will be fully integrated with the policies, decision-making and public acceptance of indigenous communities, and will be grounded by an understanding of indigenous societies, their governance and culture, and the ability to work effectively in these contexts. The GIDP PhD Minor integrates engineering and science disciplines with humanities to fully prepare students for the interdisciplinary collaboration required to tackle the FEWS challenges of indigenous communities with skill, respect and fellowship.

Applied Intercultural Arts Research GIDP

The aim of the Applied Intercultural Arts Research (AIAR) GIDP is to prepare graduates for the application of knowledge of music, arts and culture toward solving contemporary problems in order to enhance the health and well-being of individuals, societies, and environments in an interconnected world. The core curriculum builds on the interdisciplinary legacy and directives established in the field of ethnomusicology. Students study the role of the arts in the world’s cultures in order to address humanistic, social, and scientific concerns. In addition to developing expertise in the arts, students are expected to acquire a strong secondary area of expertise in service of a specific research agenda.


Last updated 1 Mar 2019