GIDP Participation in the 2017 Grad Slam Event

Grad Slam is a campus-wide competition for the best 3-minute graduate student presentation of a research or creative project. It is an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their communication skills and is an effective way of showcasing to the UA community and the public the innovative research and creative work associated with graduate education at the UA.

All disciplines are encouraged to participate and all talks must be live oral presentations. Presenters have a chance to win an award of $3000 as well as a chance to compete at the statewide Arizona 3-Minute Grad Slam.

On March 29, the UA Graduate College hosted the 2017 UA Grad Slam Semi-finals in which three GIDP students participated in.

Tim Frost (left) from Biomedical Engineering presented “Accelerating drug discovery with microfluidic models”

Joan Palmiter Bajorek (right) from Second Language Acquisition & Teaching presented “Pronunciation Technology: Clear Speech and Empowerment”

Adam Watson (center) from Cancer Biology presented “A New Approach to Breast Cancer Therapy”

Joan Palmiter Bajorek and Tim Frost progressed to the GradSlam Final Round! Congratulations to you both!

After the Final Round was completed Tim Frost was named winner! Congratulations! Tim will advance to the statewide Grad Slam which involves Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University.

For more information on the event, check out the Grad Slam page on the Graduate College website.


We would also like to acknowledge all GIDP Students who participated in the Grad Slam event:

First Name Last Name GIDP Presentation Title
Brittany Forte Cancer Biology How a Cancer-Causing Virus Sneaks Past Our Alarm Systems
Tim Frost Biomedical Engineering GIDP Accelerating drug discovery with microfluidic models
Brady Hasse Neuroscience Using Electrotactile Feedback for Object Discrimination
Kelsey Nation Neuroscience No Gain, No Pain: Turning Down Kappa Opioid Activity to Treat Chronic Pain
Joan Palmiter-Bajorek Second Language Acquisition and Teaching GIDP Pronunciation Technology: Clear Speech and Empowerment
Rodolfo Peon Anaya Arid Lands Resource Sciences Ph.D. Program Food Sovereignty at the Navajo Nation using Solar Desalination
Grant Schissler Statistics Single-subject gene expression analysis for precision medicine
Dustin Tran Biomedical Engineering Photostimulation and Imaging of the Brain
Adam Watson Cancer Biology A New Approach to Breast Cancer Therapy
Amy Wong Cancer Biology

Building bridges for salivary gland restoration

Last updated 3 Nov 2017