Congratulations UA ARCS Scholars 2021-22!

In 1957, when the Russian satellite Sputnik was orbiting the Earth, the United States came together to develop the sciences and technologies so that we may be the leaders in these fields. The resulting rush of enthusiasm gave birth to the ARCS Foundation a year later. Focusing on science by investing in scientists, the ARCS Foundation supports US citizens and students of high achievement in the basic sciences. The foundation is ran on 100% volunteer hours and 100% of proceeds donated to the foundation go into the student awards. Since its founding, approximately 10,000 graduate students of science have been awarded nearly $115 million. The Phoenix chapter, which includes The University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, and Arizona State University, was chartered in 1975 and GIDP students have been a part of this legacy. We congratulate the 2021/2022 GIDP recipients: 

Stephanie Bruggink

Physiological Sciences GIDP 

Carly Cabel 

Cancer Biology GIDP 

Hannah Johnson 

Neuroscience GIDP 

Matthew Klass 

Physiological Sciences GIDP 

Hannah Kravitz 

Applied Mathematics GIDP 

Kendra Marr

Cancer Biology GIDP 


Last updated 11 May 2021