Celebrating Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs at The University of Arizona

Arid Lands Resource Sciences - 50th Anniversary

Cancer Biology - 30th Anniversary

Neuroscience - 30th Anniversary

The University of Arizona’s Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDP) provide stimulus, cohesion and visibility to the scholarly and scientific activities of faculty members engaged in interdisciplinary research and graduate education. These attributes are critical to building teams for addressing the research problems that transcend traditional single, disciplinary borders and providing academic freedom. Through GIDPs, a broader range of research and training takes place than would otherwise be carried out at the University. Their successful and productive research endeavors ultimately generate new graduate degree program areas. GIDPs are the original disruptive thinkers.

To read more on the 18 GIDPs: https://gidp.arizona.edu/

Last updated 2 Jul 2019