ARCS Foundation Recipients

In 1957, when the Russian satellite Sputnik was orbiting the Earth, the United States came together to develop the sciences and technologies so that we may be the leaders in these fields. The resulting rush of enthusiasm gave birth to the ARCS Foundation a year later. Focusing on science by investing in scientists, the ARCS Foundation supports US citizens and students of high achievement in the basic sciences. The foundation is ran on 100% volunteer hours and 100% of proceeds donated to the foundation go into the student awards. Since its founding, approximately 9,600 graduate students of science have been awarded nearly $100 million. The Phoenix chapter, which includes The University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, and Arizona State University, was chartered in 1975 and GIDP students have been a part of this legacy. We congratulate the 2017/2018 GIDP recipients: 

Andrew Flores, Physiological Sciences

Cecil Gomes, Cancer Biology

Brian Hong, Applied Mathematics



"I am honored to be a first time recipient of an ARCS foundation award. Being selected to join this distinguished community of young scholars grants a sense of accomplishment underscored by the considerable generosity of the donors. Attending the ARCS award banquet provided me with the unique opportunity to experience the shared enthusiasm for scientific research of both the scholars and members of ARCS foundation. I look forward to continuing my research with the encouragement of the ARCS community." - Brian Hong






Kate Smith, Physiological Sciences


"I would like to begin by expressing my sincerest gratitude to the ARCS foundation for their support. This will be my third year as an ARCS scholar, and it has been instrumental to my success as a PhD student. This award has allowed me the flexibility to work with our collaborators to develop a versatile skillset which will not only be useful for completing my thesis work, but will also be invaluable as I move into a post-graduate career. I am thankful for the enrichment that the ARCS award has provided to my graduate studies, and to be part of such a talented community of scientists." -Kate Smith







Sarah Lehman, Physiological Sciences



"I am a 2nd year returning ARCS scholar, funded by the Eller family in 2015-2016 and the Templin and Lauber Endowments in 2016-2017. What I enjoy most about being an ARCS scholar is the ability to interact directly with the donors throughout the funded year, establishing a more personal and lasting connection between myself and the donors. Each year, the ARCS program hosts an awards banquet where the scholars have the opportunity to meet the donors and present the work that is being funded. Not only do the donors challenge me with thought-provoking questions that help guide the future of my research, they also remind me of the impact this research can have on society as many of them have a loved one that is affected by the disease I study.  The stories and experiences they share with me are very humbling and leave me excited and motivated to continue the research. I am honored to be an ARCS scholar for the last two years and look forward to continuing this lifelong membership." - Sarah Lehman





Leila Lindeman, Cancer Biology

Jeff Watson, Biomedical Engineering


"This is my third year as a recipient of the ARCS Crawford Endowment award. The ARCS foundation is a national organization with chapters located throughout the U.S., the Phoenix chapter being the local branch. The ARCS foundation provides much more than an award, but also an invaluable connection to our community and the people who truly appreciate supporting scientific research and scholarship. Recognition shows how important my research is to our community. The generous ARCS members have both expectations and appreciation for my research that contributes to my pursuit for excellence in my field. Each year upon receiving the award, I have had the tremendous opportunity to meet the ARCS members personally responsible for my selection which adds to the overall experience as a scholar: there is a unique and personal relationship made within ARCS that makes the recognition more gratifying. I am truly fortunate and thankful for the continued support in my education and endeavors from the ARCS foundation and specifically the Crawford Endowment award." - Jeff Watson

Last updated 19 Jul 2020