GIDP Students Participating in GradSlam's Final Round

Submitted on March 30, 2017
Left to right: Tim Frost, Adam Watson, Joan Palmiter-Bajorek

On March 29, the UA Graduate College hosted the 2017 UA GradSlam Semi-finals.

Tim Frost (left) from Biomedical Engineering presented “Accelerating drug discovery with microfluidic models”

Joan Palmiter-Bajorek (right) from Second Language Acquisition & Teaching presented “Pronunciation Technology: Clear Speech and Empowerment”

Adam Watson (center) from Cancer Biology presented “A New Approach to Breast Cancer Therapy”

Joan Palmiter Bajorek and Tim Frost will be progressing the GradSlam Final Round! Congratulations to you both!

The Final Round is on April 4, 2017, 5:30 PM, in the Student Union Gallagher Theatre and will be followed by a reception.