2019 Andrew C. Comrie Endowment Recipient, Rebekah Keating Godfrey, Neuroscience GIDP Ph.D. Candidate

The Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs’ Andrew C. Comrie Doctoral Fellowship honors Dr. Comrie’s strong commitment to interdisciplinary research and study as witnessed by the many years Dr. Comrie has dedicated to research as an interdisciplinary climate scientist and geographer. In addition, he has participated in the GIDPs from the time he first arrived at The University of Arizona and through the years of his university leadership roles as former Provost, Associate Vice-President for Research and Dean of the Graduate College.


The eligibility and requirements for this award are set at a very high level. Dr. Konrad Zinsmaier, Chair of the Neuroscience GIDP provided the nomination letter for Ms. Keating Godfrey and describes her as “one of the most outstanding and talented students that I have ever encountered.Dr. Zinsmaier also mentions “Dr. Wulfila Gronenberg, her advisor, regards her more like a collaborating colleague than a student.


Research Interests:

Neuroethology, Brain Evolution, Insects


Research Summary:

A budding neuroethologist, I am interested in neural traits underlying particular behaviors and patterns of behaviors in insects.  At the species level I seek to understand how distributions of individual traits contribute to group-level patterns of 

behavior, currently in ant colonies.  Like many natural scientists, I am drawn to evolutionary studies and the power of the comparative method.  To study neural trait evolution, I quantify the phylogenetic plasticity of neural traits and test for

correlations between neuromorphology and particular life histories in Hymenoptera.








“I am genuinely honored to be the first recipient of this fellowship.  How very exciting!” - Rebekah Keating Godfrey         











Research Images: Ant brains from Rebekah's research project on Sociality and Brain Evolution                                                                                                                                                            

Last updated 31 Jul 2019