2016 GIDP Student Research Showcase Video Presentations

The collaborative relationship between colleges across campus and the 17 GIDPs creates unique opportunities for more than 640 students enrolled in a GIDP to pursue and realize their aspirations in new research bringing about change serving the community and the world. Every year the GIDP holds a Student Research Showcase to spotlight student work and allow the community an opportunity to see what GIDP students are researching. This year, the GIDP celebrated the 10th anniversary of the event. A total of 27 students representing 15 GIDP presented a research poster to approximately 250 guests, including university leadership like Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Dr. Andrew Comrie and Dean of the Graduate College, Dr. Andrew Carnie.

In honor of the 10th Anniversary, we asked students to allow us to record them giving a short talk on their research poster they presented at the event. Click on the links below to watch these highlighted presentations and learn about the amazing research these students are conducting in the GIDPs at The University of Arizona:

Applied Bioscience

Applied Mathematics

Arid Lands Resource Sciences

Cancer Biology

Cognitive Science

Second Language Acquisition & Teaching

Last updated 16 Jun 2017