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Martha S. "Molly" Hunter, Ph.D., Chair

Rachael Mattull, Program Coordinator

Entomology & Insect Science GIDP
The University of Arizona
1548 E. Drachman St.
PO Box 210476
Tucson, AZ 85719-0476

Phone: 520-621-0847


The Program in Insect Science offers a Ph.D. that trains students in insect biology. Individually designed programs of study meet each student's interests and needs by combining a broad understanding of insects as organisms, with training in one or more specialized areas that include: ecology, evolution, neurobiology, biochemistry, physiology, and molecular biology. Faculty members in the Program also belong to the Center for Insect Science; a multicampus organization made up of insect scientists throughout Arizona representing a wide variety of primary disciplines. The diverse life zones of southern Arizona, from deserts to mountains, offer numerous field sites and study systems. Field and laboratory facilities for research on agricultural pests are also available.