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Theodore Trouard, Ph.D., Chair

Trisha Stanley, Program Coordinator, Sr.

Biomedical Engineering GIDP
The University of Arizona
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The Biomedical Engineering Program offers an M.S. and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and is a discipline that integrates the engineering sciences with biology and medicine. The field of biomedical engineering has seen a dramatic escalation in activity over the past 20 years, leading to the development of a wide variety of medical devices, medical procedures, and a basic understanding of biological processes. Engineering approaches are becoming increasingly important in modern biological and medical research and in the development of new technologies that stem from the recent discoveries. The Program is intended to provide the foundation for a career in Biomedical Engineering. To achieve this, the student is required to have (a) an appropriate base knowledge of life sciences at the molecular, cellular, organ, and systems level; (b) an appropriate base knowledge of an engineering specialty at the graduate level; (c) experience and training in research, culminating in a major research project; and (d) experience and training in teaching, and in presenting research findings. The Program's major goal is to provide graduate education and assist undergraduates in established engineering programs to gain education in the field of biomedical engineering through senior design engineering projects, courses, and investigator-sponsored research projects. The University of Arizona has established strengths in medical and biological engineering with faculty members providing education and research opportunities from nearly every scientific discipline on this campus. The 36 faculty in the Program represent the Colleges of Medicine, Engineering and Mines, Agriculture, and Science.