HE Carter Travel Award

The Herbert E. Carter Travel Award Program has been established in honor of Dr. Carter's spirit and passion for interdisciplinary scholarship and research in higher education. The award provides up to $600 per year to GIDP students for National or International travel to a professional meeting. Applications will be reviewed by the Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Advisory Council (GIDPAC).

Instructions & Procedures on how to apply

Award Recipients

In Memoriam 1910-2007


Herbert E. Carter, the Founding Director of Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs, led the way to the metamorphosis in scholarship and research at the University of Arizona. He recognized that the processes and systems underlying individual disciplines are remarkably similar and interdependent, and concluded that what lies in between disciplines--the area of interdisciplinarity--is where future developments, novel discoveries, and newly invigorated training programs would flourish. Under Dr. Carter’s leadership,  programs were developed over the past thirty years in reflection of emerging fields of research and scholarship. The University of Arizona has shown its long-term commitment to excellence in interdisciplinary programs by continuing to adhere to the ideas and principles of Herbert E. Carter.